Openning of Galerie Magis (English article)


My name is Céline Magis, I’m french so please excuse all mistakes I will make.

I’m the niece of the great artist Pascal Magis who past away last December.

Because his Art will allways live, and thanks to his wife, I decided to transform his atelier as a gallery. This summer I will expose his friends. Sculptors, painters, photographer such as Fernando Costa, Catherine Mazel, Mika, Michel Wohlfahrt, François Vandenberghe.

I’ve been working with my uncle for three summers and I learned a lot thanks to him. His Art is absolutly Magic so is his place.

I will try to write articles in English for everyone who couldn’t understand the French ones. Hope you will like it and they will give you the envy to come and visit the Gallery Magis in Périgord at Meyrals.

Thank you!


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